Ham, salt and time – this is how we make prosciutto. Thin strips of our tender prosciutto will melt in your mouth thanks to an extended aging time (at least 12 months) that allows it to dry from the outside in without needing as much salt as lesser-aged hams.


Our prosciutto is available in two unique varieties:


Bauletto - this prosciutto offers the highest meat yield and delivers a consistent texture throughout. It is ideal for charcuteries platters, pizzas and flatbreads.


Stagionato - this is a pressed prosciutto that delivers a longer and thinner slice compared to the bauletto. It has a slightly higher fat coverage and is ideal for canapes and wrapping proteins or vegetables. It includes the shank portion of the leg, an attractive feature when presenting in displays.


Bauletto available in bulk deli format;

Stagionatto available in 125g pre-sliced packages and in bulk deli format.