In 2016 they began a partnership with Alberta based Sunterra Meats, part of an innovative and fully integrated family-run food company with farming, processing and retail operations, to bring high quality prosciutto and salami to Canadians. Using the Simonini family recipes and Sunterra’s highest standard processing techniques, Soleterra d’Italia offers authentic Italian meats of uncompromised quality.


In 2018, Soleterra d’Italia built a new facility near Acme, Alberta and began producing authentic Simonini family recipes with superior quality Sunterra Farms pork. This allows products produced at the Acme facility to be traceable back to the farm of origin, a measure of our animal health, food safety and product quality.


Today, Soleterra d’Italia produces most of our cooked and cured Italian meats in Canada with the rest imported direct from Italy. We provide a full range of products to markets and restaurants including prosciutto, salami, ham and more.

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In 1927, Celestino and Cesarina Simonini set up a small processing plant in Modena, Italy. Over ninety years and four generations later, the Simonini family has expanded the business into a name synonymous with superior cured Italian pork products.